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Easy access to building occupancy intelligence.

The Workspace Management industry has gone through a massive boom since the financial crisis which paired with a steep increase in technology. Nowadays big consultancy firms will sell you very expensive high-tech solutions that will gather the data for you (not to mention the hidden costs) and will systematically overlook the cheaper alternatives.

Cheaper does not mean inefficient, nor untrustworthy. Cheaper means you already have a lot of data that can be worked with, you just need to get it processed.

One example is the data gathered at the turnstiles of your building. You would be surprised of how good of an indicator that data is. You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands in deploying sensors under each desk in each buildings, what you need to do first is to narrow it down to the buildings that have a suspiciously low attendance based on your turnstile data.

Second, once you know where to look you can conduct utilisation surveys for those buildings. Traditional walk through are better than sensors because they allow to not just capture desk utilisation but they also allow to capture human behaviours. Sensors don’t.

Always conduct utilisation survey by pair, one before and another one after you have implemented the changes to prove to the business the realisation of the benefits.

Building Occupancy Intelligence is highly strategic and will bring very substantial savings, but that doesn't mean it is expensive to do.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about how we work.

Emeric Denis

IWMS Consulting.

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