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IWMS Tendering


Don't shake that hand just yet.

So many companies are not scoping or phrasing their tendering documents accurately enough which leads to contractual misunderstandings, disappointments, and extra costs.


IWMS are very niche and expensive to implement so having independent experts on board early will save you money quite quickly.

IWMS Consulting has the expertise needed to ensure the tendering documents are water-tight with a clear definition of both requirements and deliverables, which is the foundation of a healthy business relationship with your software vendor.

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Real Estate Intelligence


The end result of any implementation or upgrade of an IWMS is about having an improved overview of your Real Estate, its operations, and its costs.


But much more can be done...

By using Management Information Systems and Business Intelligence platforms such as Qlikview, Tableau, Oracle BO, Power BI, etc. we can help your company harvest and transform a colossal amount of information into factual and usable intelligence.

This is not limited to your IWMS data. It can be crossed referenced to the badge-swipes data of your staff, or the occupancy sensors, or the building management systems, etc.

The possibilities are limitless, and we can help you with that.

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Business Processes Review


Due to the very intrusive nature of any IWMS implementation it is necessary to review the operational processes to ensure they will fit with the use of an IWMS but it also is the opportunity to redesign those processes to reach an optimum efficiency.

IWMS Consulting has already helped many clients by challenging and optimising their operational processes or their organisational structures.

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IWMS Implementation


The implementation is the second most critical phase of your project (after tendering).

Implementing and IWMS is a very complex thing to do that requires very specific skill-set.  Many software vendors will try to sell their Project Management services as well as the software, but this is a mistake we’ve seen too many times.

Our team has implemented IWMS solutions to numerous high-profile companies before forming IWMS Consulting such as Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, BNP Paribas, Ericsson, BBC, Morgan Stanley, and more.


With our experience IWMS Consulting can save your company a lot of frustrations by avoiding the typical pit-falls that come with such project, and therefore ensure your company gets the most cost-efficient implementation possible.

We provides Project Management services for the implementation of most of Workspace Management solutions and is specialised in IWMS.

With qualified Prince2 Practitioner and experienced Agile project manager IWMS Consulting provides a very robust and proven delivery services.

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Bespoke Operational Tools


Sometimes you just need the small tools that make a world of difference in your operations. In our experience not all can be automated into enterprise solutions.

IWMS Consulting can help you in designing and creating those tools from smart Excel sheets, MS Access databases, SharePoint forms, Web portals, mobile applications, and more.

Too many companies are limiting their operational capabilities by not making most of the technology their already own.

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Change Management


The transformation any company will go through during the implementation of an IWMS can easily be underestimated.


The change will not only affect the software and the operations but also the people.

The review and change of processes or organisational structure needs to be handled carefully so managing change in a well-thought-out and controlled manner is essential if the benefits are to be realised.

IWMS Consulting always recommends the use of professional Change Management services during an IWMS implementation.

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Space Utilisation Surveys


Real Estate is the second biggest expense for any major company, and therefore the second biggest risk of money wastage.

Optimising the utilisation of your portfolio is essential nowadays.

IWMS Consulting do provide Workspace Utilisation Survey services.

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