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Companies underestimate the amount of information they already have in their possession, all is needed is having it processed.

One good example is the data gathered at the turnstiles of your buildings. You would be surprised of how good of an indicator that data is, and how few companies even think of using it.

You don't need to spend tens of thousands in deploying sensors under each desk in each building, what you need to do first is to use your turnstile data to target the buildings that have a suspiciously low attendance.

With our Badge Data Analysis service (see our brochure here) our data experts can gather that information, process it, analyse it, and report back to you with real building attendance intelligence. 


Once you have identified the buildings that are of interest for further investigation we recommend to conduct utilisation surveys for those buildings. Traditional walk through are a fraction of the price of sensors and are notoriously of better quality because they allow to capture desk utilisation but also allow to better understand human behaviours.

Sensors can’t.

But it all starts with the building attendance data.

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Utilisation Surveys provide you with a clear insight on your space usage but also about human behaviours data that workspace designers need.

Badge Data gathering and analysis provide you with an indication of your building's attendance. Good to be used as a first step towards building portfolio intelligence.

Flexible working is an option that will come across as you optimise the usage of your workplace, but is it the right move?  

Space Booking is a necessity for an efficiently ran workspace but their implementation is not as simple as it may seem.

Intelligence is the ultimate aim. Having the right data that feeds back intelligently to the right places at the right time is a very tricky exercise. 

Process review is an important step during your optimisation project, and those opportunities don't arise very often. 

Systems implementations are complex processes that need to be deployed delicately to ensure of full acceptance and integration within the business.

Change Management is a key factor to any deployment that we recommend using during most of our projects.

Because sometimes you just need that little tool and not an enterprise solution.

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